Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper


Are you ready for the future of palletizing? The Smart Palletizer is a compact, safe and flexible cobot solution for the palletizing of your products.

The Smart Palletizer can be tailored to your needs. With our intelligent software, it can handle a large variety of products and stacking patterns and is quickly up-and-running during installation or with a product change. Palletizing has never been this easy. Would you like to increase the efficiency of your production process?

Smart Palletizer

Item Picking

Looking for a way to improve your logistics process? We offer an intelligent, efficient and user-friendly robot solution for your pick-and-place processes.

The Smart Item Picker can help automate your order picking, sorting and packing processes. It can handle millions of different items and is available in various configurations. Together, we can help improve the quality and performance of your logistics process. Are you ready for the warehouse of the future?

Smart Item Picker

Intelligent Software

With our intelligent AI software, we develop smart pick-and-place robot solutions that are easy to deploy, flexible and user-friendly.

Our software is suitable for any picking robot application and offers great flexibility and reliability. It allows us to seamlessly integrate our robot solutions within existing production and logistics processes of customers all over the globe. We believe competitive advantage is reached through advanced software. Want to know what our software can achieve?

Intelligent Software
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Who is Smart Robotics?

We develop intelligent, robot-independent software for the fast and flexible deployment of robots and cobots in various logistics- and production processes all over the globe

That is what we are passionate about. Founded in 2015, we have grown to a company with over 60 enthusiastic employees. Our intelligent solutions can be found in multiple countries and our software platform has grown to be one of the most advanced robot-control systems in the market. Would you like to get to know us better?

About Us
Smart Palletizer Vacuum Gripper


Are you looking for a new challenge within a dynamic and innovative organization?

The smart Robotics team is a dedicated, talented, enthusiastic and flexible group of people that work on the development of our robot independent AI software and robot solutions. Using techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, motion planning, visual grasping and deep learning, we work on an innovative future together. Are you ready for a new adventure?

Smart Palletizer at Na-Nomi picking boxes


Palletizing Case | 13-01-2021

Na-Nomi, a Dutch co-packing organization, needed a compact and user-friendly system for the palletizing of their products. Want to know how their Smart Palletizer has been performing?

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Smart Robotics bin2belt multicup

Item Picking Case | 05-01-2021

Did you know that, one of the largest Dutch online retail & distribution companies, executed a pilot with Smart Robotics regarding the implementation of a Smart Item Picker?

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Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper close-up


Palletizing Case | 20-01-2021

World-renowned Bayer, a pharmaceuticals and life sciences company, has welcomed the Smart Palletizer as a new colleague. Read more about why they recommend Smart Robotics to their partners.

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