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Smart Robotics develops intelligent, robot-independent software for the fast and flexible deployment of robots and cobots in various logistics- and production processes all over the globe. Founded in 2015, we have grown from a small team of only four employees and one cobot, to a team of over 70 professionals and customers in over 15 countries.

Employee is developing Smart Item Picker

Our Mission

We are passionate about providing high-quality, approachable and flexible robot solutions

Our Vision

Our intelligent software powers seamlessly integrated robot picking processes all over the globe

Our start

Smart Robotics was founded on the first of May 2015, by Mark Menting and Heico Sandee. They opposed the status quo within the robotics industry and noticed there was a need for renewal. Most robot applications are created for a specific project and need custom programming, resulting in high costs per installation, low flexibility and limited functionality. However, in today’s society there is an ever increasing and varying consumer demand, which is why logistics- and production companies are in need of more flexible and innovative automation. Smart Robotics offers a solution.

our goal

Smart Robotics was founded with the idea to develop a software platform for robot picking applications, such that very advanced tasks can be executed by configuring a set of software building blocks. Reusing software allows us to create various robot applications and easily scale globally with our customers.

our growth

In 2015, Smart Robotics started at a small office at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Nowadays, we are situated in our head office in Best, in the middle of the high tech region Brainport. After our start, Smart Robotics was quickly noticed within the industry. Nowadays, you can find our intelligent solutions in multiple countries and we have developed a strong distribution network within Europe and beyond.

CEO's of Smart Robotics: Mark Menting and Heico Sandee

invest in our future

Smart Robotics is backed by venture capital investors. In addition to existing investors, the commitment of new investors enables us to continuously grow our team and company and scale internationally. Would you like to become part of our journey? Join us as an investor.

Existing investors include both Innovation Industries and Mirai Creation Fund ||, backed by Toyota Motor Corporation as a key limited partner, who came on board as investors at the end of 2019.

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