Blog | 27-07-2021

3 signs you are ready for a cobot palletizing colleague

written by: Laura Schilperoort

Last year July I joined Smart Robotics and since that time I have had numerous conversations with our customers and potential customers. That gave me some insights as to when companies are ready for a cobot palletizer. To celebrate my one year employment at Smart Robotics, I would like to share my experiences with you.

– Max Calis – Account Manager

1. Unhappy customers asking for more flexibility and agility

Your customers might ask for flexibility in your palletizing process to make them more agile in their logistics. One of my customers told me: “Cobots improve the agility of my customers.” Do you recognise your customers in this quote? You may consider a cobot palletizer and make your customers happy.

2. Competitors produce quicker than you

Some of my customers noticed that their competitors were becoming faster than they were. Of course your employees deserve their lunch break and shifts. When a cobot palletizer is working together with your employees, it can help you speed up the production process. It works continuously together with your employees without taking breaks or shifts.

3. Your employees are unmotivated

Palletizing is a repetitive and physically demanding task. Relieve your employees and let them focus on a tasks where creativity and human intelligence is needed such as maintenance and servicing. Let their new cobot colleague take over the heavy work. Happy employees, happy customers.

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