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Item Picking

Would you like to improve the efficiency of your logistics process? Meet the Smart Item Picker: a compact single item picking cobot solution for the flexible and efficient picking and placing of a large variety of items.

The need for flexible automation within the logistics market has grown exponentially, due to a strong growth in e-commerce, lack of labor and the need for cost reduction. With the Smart Item Picker, we offer an intelligent, efficient and user-friendly solution for your pick-and-place processes. Are you ready for the warehouse of the future?

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Modular picking system

The Smart Item Picker is available in various configurations

These include bin-to-bin and bin-to-belt configurations. Besides, we have several grippers available that are able to handle millions of different items. This way, we can help automate the order picking, sorting and packing processes of our customers in markets such as: retail – consumer goods – general merchandise – fashion – e-groceries – consumer packaged goods – e-commerce – health & beauty – 3rd party logistics (3PL)

Easy integration

The Smart Item Picker can easily be integrated within existing systems.

Thanks to our intelligent software, you can integrate the Smart Item Picker within your logistics process without any problems. Connecting with external systems in your warehouse, such as offboard scanning, is no problem for the Smart Item Picker. There is no need for SKU teaching, resulting in a high level of flexibility. In addition, as a cobot solution, the Smart Item Picker can work closely together with your employees and no safety fences are needed.

Improve Performance

We continuously strive to improve our item picking solutions.

To help our customers reach the best productivity and pickability, we continuously work on improving our item picking solutions. By developing new algorithms, implementing machine learning, working with different types of robots and through gripper improvements, we increase the number, weight and variety of items the Smart Item Picker can handle. This way, we create benefits for our all our customers all over the world.

Smart Item Picker bin2bin

The Smart Item Picker

We can lift your logistics process to a higher level by automating your order picking, sorting and packing processes. With our intelligent software and specialized lightweight, 3D printed grippers, the Smart Item Picker can gently handle a large variety of items up to 5kg, ranging from small plastic bags to large cartons. Various configurations are available; we have a suitable solution for every customer.

By using 3D cameras and intelligent motion planning algorithms, the robot decides its own pick- andplace-strategy and SKU teaching is not required. This ensures a high level of flexibility and allows for the Smart Item Picker to be easily integrated in an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Scada system.

In addition, the Smart Item Picker is safe and easy-to-use. Anyone can work with the cobot. Error handling is quick and smooth, and there is no need for long recovery procedures. Just press ‘start’, and the Smart Item Picker gets to work!

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Customer Benefits

Did you know our software platform is one of the most advanced robot-control systems in the market? The Smart Item Picker, in combination with our intelligent software, creates many benefits for our customers and is suitable for various markets.

  • Handles a large variety of items up to 600-700 items per hour, depending on the case details.
  • Connects seamlessly to external systems, custom user interfaces or existing WMS and Scada systems
  • Solution tailored to your needs. Various configurations are available.
  • Smooth procurement and quick-and-easy installation
  • User-friendly system. Everyone, including untrained employees, can work with the cobot.
  • Safe cooperation with people. Safety is at the forefront of all our developments, both software and hardware.
  • Improve performance through remote monitoring and data analysis.
  • (Online) Service, remote support and updates, resulting in quick response times.

Customer Needs

We see that our customers often face increasing consumer demand and variation and therefore have to adjust their logistics processes accordingly. Furthermore, there is often a shortage of manpower and qualified technical employees. In addition, the often physically challenging and repetitive work in logisticscan cause higher absenteeism amongst your employees. Smart Robotics offers the solution.

We distinguish ourselves from the traditional robotics industry by means of high flexibility and reusability. We believe competitive advantage can be reached through advanced software. We continuously monitor, analyze and update our cobots and robots to make them smarter, faster, and more flexible, providing benefits for all our customers.

experience the smart item picker

Do you believe the Smart Item Picker can be a valuable addition to your team and would you like to experience its benefits in your logistics process? Feel free to contact usfor more information.

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Smart Item Picker bin2bin
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Item Picking case:

The Smart Item Picker can be a valuable addition to various logistics processes. Did you know that, one of the largest Dutch online retail & distribution companies, has started a pilot with Smart Robotics regarding the implementation of a Smart Item Picker? Read more about it in this customer case.

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Intelligent Software

Our intelligent software is one of the most advanced robot- and cobot-control systems in the market. We believe competitive advantage can be reached through advanced software. Want to know how?