News | 06-05-2020

First ever completely autonomous Smart Palletizer installation

written by: Laura Schilperoort

The first autonomous installation of one of our robots is a fact! At the end of April, a customer in France installed their new Smart Palletizer completely by themselves. With the help of a custom produced installation video, the customer was able to install, connect and even start production with their Smart Palletizer without needing any further remote assistance from Smart Robotics. We are proud that this first autonomous installation performed by a customer was a success. It shows the intelligence, flexibility and user-friendliness of our robot solutions.

The decision to let the customer perform the installation was taken due to the current Covid-19 measures impacting the way of working throughout the world. Due to the travel restrictions, we are currently unable to send a Smart Robotics employee to install the robot at a customer’s location. That is why a different solution was needed. We believed that with the help of a clear installation video, our customers should be able to install the Smart Palletizer themselves. Our customer in France was willing to give it a try. Hence, their Smart Palletizer and additional Smart Formation Unit were shipped to France and the installation video was created to help the customer in the best way possible.

On the installation day, our service team was ready to remotely assist the customer during installation. Eventually, this service was not even used and the customer managed to install the Smart Formation Unit, connect the Smart Palletizer to the SFU, power and air supply, calibrate the pick-up position and start production with the Smart Palletizer by themselves. In addition, the customer was able to even add a new product using the Smart Robotics product tool.

This first autonomous installation has proven to be a great success and we look forward to enable other customers to install their Smart Palletizers by themselves as well. We are excited for this innovative new way of installation. How about you?

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